Feed Ball Toy

  • the Food Play Ball must be used only in the stable, pasture, or paddock, and under supervision*
  • with 19 feed openings
  • durable UV-resistant plastic
  • for up to 3 kg of hay
  • Filled via 116 mm filling opening with screw cap
  • can also be hung on a cable or chain
  • for safe use as an occupation, we recommend hanging attachment using the universal belt (3226434)

Recommended feeding openings:

feed opening 60 mm: for large horses

feed opening 40 mm: for small horses

3210384: 40 mm feed openings especially suitable for small horses

* If used without supervision, there is a risk that horses are caught by the ball or could otherwise injure themselves.

Ref. no.ColourØdiameter of feed openingPU
3210385blue40 cm60 mm1
3210386red40 cm60 mm1
3210388pink40 cm60 mm1
3210384purple40 cm40 mm1
Ref. no.DescriptionColourLengthPU
3210385-1Lid for Food Play Ball  1/80
3226434Multi-function beltblack100 cm1/100
Preview imageItem. No.Description321038532103863210384
Lid for Feed Play Ball3210385-1Lid for Feed Play Ballxxx